Dr. Breck Ladd

Senior Pastor
Breck leads our congregation with a passion for deepening spiritual connections and guiding us on our faith journey.

Ben Atkinson

 Executive Pastor
Ben guides spiritual journeys by implementing vision and processes. He's passionate about witnessing Holy Spirit-driven transformations through engagement with God's word.

Ross Johnson

Worship & Communications Pastor
Ross leads passionate Sunday worship with various teams, oversees media and communications, and finds joy in guiding people to worship together.

Anthony Britt

Missions & Outreach Pastor
Anthony leads and creates opportunities for the church to share Christ's love through local and international Mission Journeys.

Jason Holmes

Family Equipping Pastor
Jason is dedicated to nurturing the spiritual growth of our youth and equipping them for their faith journey.

Kiely Young

Congregational Care & Senior Adult Pastor
Kiely ministers to and uplifts Senior Adults, emphasizing that all can serve the Lord. He finds joy in working with people inside and outside the church, fostering love for Jesus.

Billy Hollingsworth

Children & Families Pastor
Billy plans church activities for children from birth to 5th grade, finding joy in nurturing their knowledge and faith in Jesus.

Daniel Moody

Associate Student Pastor
Daniel ministers to junior high and high school students, doubling as the Fusion band and praise team's worship leader, witnessing their worship.


Wayne Pinkerton

Business Administrator 
Wayne diligently supports the church's
operations and ensures its smooth functioning
for a thriving community. 

JP Martin

Media Director
JP oversees audio, video, and lighting for services and events, offering guidance and training to volunteers for a seamless experience.

Lorie Hanson

Director Of Communication
Lorie ensures timely information and creates graphics for all events. Most Sundays, you'll find her with a camera, capturing your smiling faces.

Jerry Bass

Facilities Manager
Jerry is the one behind the scenes making sure to provide everyone with a safe, clean, and comfortable environment so the Church can utilize its ministries and events without distractions.

Greg Kinsley

Music Associate
Greg is dedicated to harmonizing melodies, guiding worship, and fostering a musical atmosphere that uplifts our spirits.

Sue Hall

Learning Center Director
Sue’s heart for children fuels her drive to lead the church’s childcare ministry. Sue’s goal is for young families to grow in their knowledge and love of God.

Debbie Westerfield

Preschool Ministry Associate
Debbie brings boundless enthusiasm and a
heart for nurturing young souls. She's your go-to
 for all things preschool!

Brooklynn Watkins

Connections, Missions & Outreach Associate


Jeanine Lilly

Pastoral Ministry Assistant

Sandi Komurke

Education Ministry Assistant

Angela Palmerton

Music Ministry Assistant

Wanda Kinsley

Student & Children Ministry Assistant

Penny Rhodes

Recreation & Senior Adult Ministry Assistant

Wendy Schoonover

Church Accountant

Matthew Alford


Jeff Greer