International Partnerships


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Mission Polo – Hispaniola Mountain Ministries  

Hispaniola Mountain Ministries works in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to connect people to local churches for discipleship. They serve the community in several diverse ways to build relationships and share the Gospel. 

Hispaniola Mountain Ministries has been doing ministry in Haiti and the Dominican Republic for over fifteen years. FBC Madison has come alongside HMM to serve the community of Polo in the Dominican Republic with the ultimate goals of sharing the Gospel and supporting the church there. Through medical services, community engagement, Gospel proclamation, and many other services, we are partnering with Hispaniola Mountain Ministries to reach the people of Polo.

Serve Opportunities
Location: Polo, Dominican Republic
Hispaniola Mountain Ministries Website & Facebook

La Casa de Fe

La Casa de Fe is a children’s home that cares for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of boys and girls in Ecuador. 

La Casa de Fe was formed in 2005 in response to the need for a loving, nurturing environment for neglected, abused, and abandoned children in the jungle region of Ecuador. La Casa de Fe currently cares for around 45 children, many of whom have special medical needs. The vision of La Casa de Fe is to meet the physical, emotional, and educational needs of their children while taking all opportunities to make disciples and share the Gospel.

Serve Opportunities
Location: Shell, Ecuador
La Casa de Fe Website & Facebook