Bible Fellowship


Sunday Worship 9:00 & 10:30AMIn-person & Online

Adult BFG Update

Sunday 9:00am Classes
College • Student CenterCollege age students
Gardner • Room 8216
Young married (some with younger children)
Hanson • Room 211
Young married with younger children (30's)
Godfrey • Room 203Young married with younger children (late 20's/early 30's)
Adcock • Room 205/207Young married with elementary children (30's)
Murray • Room 209Young married with children (30's)
Fulton • Room 208/210Young married with children (30's/40's)
Copeland/Nicholson • Room 200/202Median adult married with students/college (40's/50's)
Carraway • Room 213 Median adult married with students (40's/50's)
Ahlrich • Room 8218 Median adult married with college/empty nest (50-65)
Hodges • Room 204 Median adult (40's/50's/60's)
EnJoy • Room 206 Young/median adult women's class
Choir • Room W102 Anyone in the Celebration Choir
New Beginnings • Room 216Widows/widowers
Bird/Crockett/Sutherland/Walley • Room 8221
Sr. adult co-ed (60's/70's)
Patrick • Room W101Sr. adult co-ed (65 and up)

Sunday 10:30am Classes
Tolleson • Room 8221
Sr. adult married (60's/70's)
Encouragers • Room 200/202Sr. adult co-ed (65 and up)
Walk of Faith • Room 8218Sr. adult co-ed (65 and up)
Blissett • Room 8124
Sr. adult married (60's)
Austin • Room 212
Sr. adult co-ed (60's)
Boney • W109Sr. adult ladies (60 and up)
Lane • Room W128Sr. adult ladies (60 and up)
Lynn • Room 208/210Sr. adult married (60's)
Cheatham • ChapelSr. adult ladies (50's/60's)
Collins Ladies • Room 215Sr. adult ladies (60 and up)
Miller Men's • Room 216Sr. adult men (60 and up)
Tyre • Community RoomSr. adult co-ed (70 and up)
Agape • Room 213Sr. adult co-ed (65 and up)
Woodward • Room W101Sr. adult co-ed (70 and up)

Young Adult Career Singles • Tuesdays at 7:00pm (contact Brian Rhodus for meeting information)